#1 St. Louis Blues / Cardinals Themed Flatware

St. Louis Blues Flatware

Stun your friends and family with this incredible set of flatware. If you enjoy celebrating the latest Blues victory with a BBQ this could be the coolest way to eat your food out there. And if you’re more of a baseball fan the flatware comes dressed in Cardinals red as well.

#2 St. Louis Cardinals 21” Glass Table Lamp

St. Louis Cardinals Glass Lamp

No mancave or she-shed would be complete without this surprisingly awesome glass table lamp that has a lamp shade featuring translucent cardinals red and the cardinal’s logo. Your friends will be awestruck when they see your exquisite taste in lighting hardware combined with your undying loyalty to the Cardinals Nation.

#3 St. Louis Cardinals 3 Shade Hanging Glass Lamp

St. Louis Cardinals 3 Shade Hanging Glass Lamp

So, you’ve got a problem, your bar or pool table needs some lighting, well, here is the answer. The Glass Table Lamp grew up and became the 3-shade glass hanging lamp, perfect for the pool tables and bars of the ultimate Cardinals fan. This is probably as good as it gets short of hiring an artist to make you a custom lamp.

#4 Decorate Your Home with St. Louis Inspired Art

St. Louis Skyline Wall art

Check online for a variety of St. Louis themed art items, like this wonderful print from Wayfair.com. St. Louis residents are lucky to have one of the most recognizable skylines in the country and this print shows it off perfectly. Now you can show off your classic taste with photos of St. Louis landmarks.

#5 Candy Apple Red Kitchen Aid Appliances

St. Louis Red Kitchen Aid Appliances

So, you might not be able to buy everything you want or need perfectly customized for the proud St. Louisian in you. But you can get close with the Candy Apple Red Kitchen Aid appliances. In fact, most of Kitchen Aid’s products are available in Candy Apple Red including their classic line of mixers, food processors, coffee grinders, and more. With the right St. Louis inspired accents, your red Kitchen Aid appliances should blend in perfectly. But, I’m sorry to say Blues fans, Kitchen Aid doesn’t seem to have matching blue pieces to go with your superfan house.

#6 St. Louis Blues Shower Curtain

St. Louis Blues Shower Curtain

The St. Louis Blues shower curtain available on Etsy.com is one of the less obvious ways to proclaim your superfan status but proclaim it loud and clear it shall. This single piece could be the corner stone of a Blues inspired bathroom.

#7 St. Louis Skyline Votive Candle Holder

St. Louis Votive Candle Holder

What would a romantic dinner be without candles? A whole lot less romantic if you ask me. This votive candle holder will keep the spirit of St. Louis, and the romance in your relationship, alive and well.

#8 St. Louis Cardinals Cutting Board

St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board

This bamboo carving board is shaped like a baseball and has intricate detailing for the stitches, a nice touch for fans of authentically made items. The Cardinals logo front and center will remind you why you keep going every day, to root for the best sports team on earth!

#9 St. Louis Blues Spatula

St. Louis Blues Spatula

Grilling never felt so right as it does with the St. Louis Blues spatula. When your friends and family ask you why your burgers are the best around just tell them it’s that superfan magic that nobody can resist.

#10 St. Louis Blues Jersey Salt & Pepper Shakers

St. Louis Blues Jersey Salt & Pepper Shakers

Add a little seasoning to your meal with these St. Louis Blues salt and pepper shakers. The tiny jerseys holding your precious table salt are guaranteed to be a hit with your whole family. Now all you have to do is sing “Gloria” before every meal and you’ll officially be a Blues superfan.