As photographers we’re always on the lookout for cool places to take photos. Sometimes we want the lesser known and sometimes we go for, shall we say, the more obvious choice. In this case, the new Gateway Arch Park has been upgraded to the point that not only is it obvious it also provides a number of unique perspectives on an old location. I think you’ll see through the images in this post a little of what’s possible now and consider making a stop here with a couple to get some spectacular photos that are 100% St. Louis.

Facing the park from the east you’re greeted with this wonderful view of the arch with St. Louis in the background. I think we can all imagine the possibilities here with a couple standing in the center of the frame.


Further along following the path to the north we come to the new man made lake. There are plenty of trees all around as well making this another fantastic place to shoot. On a nice day in the shade of the trees with the lake and arch serving as backdrops you’re sure to get great photos.


Another shot of the lake this time at sunset.


Near the north end of the lake things are rather picturesque wouldn’t you say? I know many couples would be happy to have this as the background for their portrait.


Walking around the lake really feels like you’re in another little world nestled in amongst the trees with downtown and the mississippi river just beyond the hills around you. It’s surprisingly serene for a downtown city park and there are many different views of the arch, be sure to explore the area.


My friend Kate who is a great photographer went with me on this trip. She runs the site, check her out!


Another day, another stunning arch photo! This one at sunset with the approaching storm coming from the east is one of my favorites. We ended up getting rained on walking back to our car but it was worth it I think.


At the north end of the lake you can get shots like this one captured just before sunset as the sky was starting to show some colors. In the distance you can see the storm clouds moving in. It’s interesting to note the pattern the wind made on the water as well, I hope this picture captures a little bit of what a great scene it was that day.


Further to the north end of the lake other interesting shots are available like this one.


I took this shot at the very north end of the lake just slightly to the east side.


We walked around a bit along the mississippi and when it got dark I took this shot looking up at the arch from the north east. It truly towers over the surrounding area and it seems every angle is an amazing one to view it from.


As you can see the new arch park provides a lot of different viewpoints on the arch itself, giving you a variety of creative possibilities when taking portraits. So if you’re visiting or taking some people out on a special photography trip I hope this post and these images inspire you to rethink the new gateway arch park as a spot for great pictures. I know I have and I will definitely be adding it as a place to take couples and families for photos.


If you’re just dying for more here are some baby ducks I spotted the last couple times I visited the Gateway Arch Park.


In this photo the baby ducks have grown up a little, mom must think this is a great place to raise her little flock.

Thanks for reading!